Cryogenic N2 O2 Generating Unit

Cryogenic N2 O2 Generating Unit

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Since years, we have been engaged in manufacturing and exporting the best quality Cryogenic N2 O2 Generating Unit. This generating unit consists of two factory assembled modules, the warm end container and a cold- box. It is well equipped with an air compressor, an air pre-treatment unit, a control system and various electrical devices. This Cryogenic N2 O2 Generating Unit separates air by means of rectification, which utilizes the different evaporation temperatures of the components in the air.


  • Compact and modular
  • High capacity
  • Robust construction

Cryogenic N2 O2 Generating Unit

  • Production Range
  • Oxygen output: 50Nm3/hr~20,000Nm3/hr
  • Nitrogen output: 100Nm3/hr~40,000Nm3/hr
  • Purity: 99.6%~99.9999%
  • Pressure: 15Kpa~20Mpa
  • Dew point: -70